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Sexual Assault

What is sexual assault?

Sexual Violence/Rape is power, anger and aggression/violence. An act involvingtwo or more people choose to use power to gain control over another (both physical and sexual). 

Myth Versus Fact

MYTH: Rape is a sexual crime.
FACT: Rape is a crime of violence, rage and power, with sexual violation being the way it is expressed.

MYTH: Rape happens mainly in dark alleys or to women who hitch hike.
FACT: Studies show that over half of all rapes committed happened in the victim's home.

MYTH: Most women who are raped are raped by strangers.
FACT: The opposite is true; over 48% of the women know their attackers. 

MYTH: Rape cannot happen in marriage.
FACT: Being married or single is not a factor. Criminal sexual conduct is sexual activity against your will. The various degrees of law reflect such things as type of force, use of weapons and amount of injury. 

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